Machine NameAutomatic Encrusting & Moulding Machine NEM399, NEM499















  Characteristics & Features

• Independent filling hopper minimize the replacing time when different filling is required
• Flexible adjustment for dough size, shape and weight
• Easy change of filling nozzle
• Photo sensor to regulate the speed of dough sheet
• Independent dough cutter provides flexible dough piece discharge direction
• Wheels for easy movement
• Robust construction and easy operation
• Equips with master controller for independent inverters


 Technical Data   

 Dimension (WxLxH)  Approx. MM  1300 x 5000 x 1620
 Motor  Approx. KW  3.843
 Electric Power  Approx. V   380/415 (3 Phase + N)
 Current Ampere  Approx. Amp  8
 Machine weight  Approx. kg  950


* All machine design and specification are subject to modification without notice.