Machine NameHamburger Packaging Machine - PKB312














 Hamburger Packaging Machine

   Technical Data

 Packaging Style    Pillow Style
 Dimension (W x L x H)  Approx. mm  1350 x 4570 x 1455
 Max. Film Width   Approx. mm  750
 Cut Off Length  Approx. mm  500
 Cut Off Width  Approx. mm  380
 Product Width  Approx. mm  250
 Product Length  Approx. mm  330
 Product Height  Approx. mm  100
  Weight  Approx. Kg   1100
  Motor  Approx. HP  Overall 1.25
   Approx. Kw  Overall 0.94
Electric Power  Approx. V 230
Current Ampere  Approx. Amp   16











   All machine design and specification are subject to modification without notice