Machine NameAutomatic Band Slicer - ABS3000

Automatic Band Slicer

Characteristics & Features
• Fully stainless steel external cover
• Endless imported high quality band blade
• With blades sharpening device
• Adjustable belt driven guide for flexible feeding of loaves
• Available at your required slice thickness


 Dimension (WxLxH)  Approx. MM   970 x 2390 x 2090
 Motor  Approx. HP  3
   Approx. KW  2.2
 Capacity  Approx. Loaf / min  40 loaves / min = 2400 per hour
 Electric Power  Approx. V   380/415
 Current Ampere   Approx. Amp  6
 Max. Size of Loaf   Approx. MM  400 in Length, 140 in Height






* All machine design and specification are subject to modification without notice.