Machine NameGas Tunnel Oven - GTO

Gas Tunnel Oven (GTO)













Safety Devices

 Purging System Control  Main Control  LSGMD - 9 D2 Contactor with Thermal Overload Protection (NO / NC)
     Honeywell Limit Switch H - SZL - VL - B
   Motor  Teco 1Hp Class H Insulation Induction Motor
 Gas Leaking Detector  Indicator & Control  Induction Motor Cosmo NV - 100C Indicator & Alarm System Panel
   Detector  Cosmo KD - 5B Diffusion Type Detecto





Technical Data

 Dimension Approx. mm (width) ** 200 to 2700
  Approx. mm (Length) **
  Approx. mm (Height) 2285





   **  sizes of Tunnel Oven could be fabricates according to customer requirements.


Main System

 Input Voltage    3 Phase + Neutral / 415 VAC
 Power    3Kw, 55 Amp at Full - Load
 System Main Control    PLC  Mitsubishi FX3U - 128MT / ES
   HMI  Mitsubishi GOT - F940 Graphic Operation Terminal
   Motion  Toshiba Inverter Control Panel Type RKP001Z
 System Gas Control  Main Control  CCA - 02710 GO Control Box c/w CDA - H24PC Power Supply
     Fuji SC - N2S Contactor
   Valve  Honeywell V4055A1221 Gas Valve
   Blower  Oriental Orix AC Fan MB840 - D
   Regulator  Fisher LPG 2nd Stage Low Pressure
     Regulator HSRL - CFC (Capacity: 2,600,000 btu / hr)
 System Motion Control  Inverter  Toshiba Frequency Inverter VFS11 - 4037PL
   Motor  Teco 5HP Class H Induction Motor
 System Indicator    Telemecanique Tower Light with Red, Yellow and Green Indicator c/w Buzzer
 Control System Supply    Idec Ps5R - SF24 / 120 W Power Supply













 * All machine design and specification are subject to modification without notice.